Aruba Points of Interest

aruba points of interest

On this page, you’ll find most popular points of interest and tourist attractions in Aruba, including the California Lighthouse, the Butterfly Farm, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, the Ayo Rock Formations and the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Quickly find things to do in Aruba or read more about each attraction below, and then click the links to find out more!

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Points of Interest

a picture of the natural pool in aruba

Natural Pool Aruba

The Natural Pool Aruba, also known as the Conchi, is enclosed by natural walls of rocky coastline. These outcroppings are what allow the inside of the pool to be calm and swimmable. The waters that ...
a picture of the seroe colorado anchor in Aruba

Seroe Colorado Anchor

The Seroe Colorado Anchor is located in the southeastern part of the island. Through the years, the anchor has become a popular point of interest in Aruba where many tourists go to explore the surroundings ...
a picture of the seroe colorado lighthouse in aruba

Seroe Colorado Lighthouse

The Seroe Colorado Lighthouse, also known as the Colorado Point Lighthouse, is the second active lighthouse in Aruba. It is located at the southeastern point of the island. It is still active to warn maritime ...
a picture of dutch architecture on oranjestad center square

Oranjestad, Aruba

Oranjestad promises to be a travel destination like no other. It is the largest and capital city of Aruba that will expose you to a little old and new thanks to a large number of ...
a picture of the entrance to philips animal garden in aruba

Philips Animal Garden

Philip’s Animal Garden is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009. Philip Conrad Merryweather, an Aruban native, transformed his passion for exotic animals into taking care of mistreated and abandoned animals by offering them ...
a picture of the rock wish garden in aruba

Rock Wish Garden

Often referred to as the Rock Wish Garden in Aruba, mainly on the north-eastern coast you will find little stacks of rocks that look like they were formed by nature but in fact are not ...
a picture of the alto vista chapel in aruba

Alto Vista Chapel

Located about 5 miles south-east of the California Lighthouse in a neighbourhood named Alto Vista, you will find a small church called the Alto Vista Chapel. Originating from 1750, it was the first church that ...
a picture of the casibari rock formations in aruba

The Casibari Rock Formations

The Casibari Rock Formations are the perfect place for short hikes. Exploring the huge wind-carved boulders is a hiker’s delight, the tunnels and narrow ledges make climbing the rocks exciting and fun for all ages ...
a picture of the bushiribana ruins in aruba

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are the remnants of a long-abandoned gold mill that processed gold ore during the gold rush of the nineteenth century. The gold mill was built in 1874 by the English ...
a picture of the old dutch windmill in aruba

The Old Dutch Windmill

Originally built in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands in 1804, the Old Dutch Windmill is one of Aruba's most authentic landmarks and reminder of Dutch influences on the island. In 1960, the Old Dutch ...
a picture of the ayo rock formations in aruba

Ayo Rock Formations

The mysterious Ayo Rock Formations, situated close to Ayo Village and Andicuri Beach, are worth visiting when you are looking for things to do in Aruba. This sightseeing spot is a place filled with mystery ...
a picture of a donkey in the donkey sanctuary aruba

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

The Donkey Sanctuary is a popular and well-known Aruba sightseeing and great to visit with children. Founded in 1997, the non-profit initiative provides food, shelter, and medical care to nearly two hundred donkeys. Visitors to ...
a picture of the natural pool in arikok natural park aruba

Arikok National Park

Located near the rougher eastern coast of Aruba, the protected Arikok National Park covers almost 20% of the island. Here you’ll find unique flora and fauna and several historical, cultural and geological sites to explore ...
a view from the bubali bird sanctuary in aruba

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Located on the west coast of Aruba and near the Butterfly Farm, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary is another popular sightseeing destination. It consists of giant wetlands and is an important place for all kinds of ...
a picture of a butterfly at the aruba butterfly farm

Aruba Butterfly Farm

The Aruba Butterfly Farm, one of Aruba's major tourist attractions, is a great place to learn more about the life cycle and behaviour of butterflies. It's a great sightseeing spot to visit with kids. The ...
a picture of the california lighthouse in aruba

California Lighthouse

Located in north-west Aruba, the California Lighthouse is one of Aruba’s most famous points of interest. It was first lit in 1916 and is still active today, functioning both as a monument and coastal warning ...
a picture of the natural bridge in aruba before it collapsed

Aruba Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge was one of the most popular Aruba sightseeing attractions, until it was destroyed by Mother Nature's brute force on September 2 2005. Located between the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins and Andicuri Beach, ...