Savaneta Beach

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Savaneta Beach

a picture of savaneta beach in aruba

  • Length: 50 meters
  • Facilities: parking
  • Activities: snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming
  • Bus Stop: Savaneta Arubus Stop

About Savaneta Beach

Savaneta Beach is a small and secluded stretch of beach near the south coast of Aruba. It’s only about 60 yards long. Off to the right is another stretch of maybe 100 more yards, called Santo Largo Beach. If it’s only you and that special someone or maybe a small family gathering, there’s plenty of room for everyone. So sit back and enjoy the view over the blue waters of Commandeurs Baai! In the weekend you might see a lot of local people hanging out here, but during the week, you might have the place all to yourself. Occassionally you’ll see a shorediver or someone who wants to go snorkeling. Or you’ll see a guy walking down the beach with a net doing some bait fishing. Otherwise, it will be just you and your favorite people. Maybe bring a cooler with you, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t forget to wear that sunscreen.

Directions to Savaneta Beach

From Oranjestad, take the main highway Route 1. It’ll be a 6.5 mile drive. After driving for 6 miles, you’ll see the Dominos Pizza and the S Chow Super Grocery Store on your left. That’s where you make a right turn on the road named Savaneta. You’re now headed in a southeastern direction toward the ocean. Just follow Savaneta road for a short distance. After another 400 or 500 yards, you’ll be making another right turn. Where the road divides, that’s where you make the next right turn. And then you go another 200 or 300 yards, and you’ll be making a left turn over the pipeline. Make sure you keep an eye out here and drive real slow, so you won’t miss the ramp and bridge which will take you over the pipeline. Take it easy on that bridge, as somebody else may just be leaving the beach. Keep right of the mangroves. Straight ahead behind those mangroves, that’s where Savaneta Beach awaits. You can park your vehicle right by the beach.