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Eagle Beach, Aruba. One of the top beaches in the world.
Eagle Beach, Aruba. One of the top beaches in the world, and everybody’s favorite beach in Aruba.

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A clear horizon of cloudless skies, deep blue waters and miles of mesmerizing coastal landscapes basking in the sunshine of the warm and pleasant Caribbean sun… Bon Bini na Aruba – home to the best beaches in the Caribbean! Situated in the heart of the Southern Caribbean Sea, Aruba is a serene and secluded island that is famous for some of the cleanest and the most mesmerizing beaches, with gleaming turquoise waters and pearl white glittery sands. Check out some of the Aruba beaches below or browse through the site’s top menu. Whether you want to sit back and relax on the sunny, sandy beach or delve yourself into the most thriving waterfront fun, you will find everything you need about the best beaches of Aruba!

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a picture of a girl snorkleing at baby beach aruba

Best Snorkeling in Aruba

Below you can learn more about some spots where you can enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Aruba. All snorkeling spot are easily accessible from the mainland. Although you ...
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The Fisherman Huts in Aruba, also known as Hadicurari Beach.

Kitesurfing Aruba

If you’re looking for an awesome place for kitesurfing in the southern Caribbean, with winds pretty much guaranteed, Aruba definitely is the place to go ...
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Dos Playa, Aruba. Awesome scenery, it's a great way to spend the day on the rough east coast of Aruba.

Most Secluded Beaches in Aruba

The most secluded beaches in Aruba can be found on the rougher north-east coast of the island. That is where you'll get to know the wilder side of the tropical ...
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Malmok Beach, in Noord, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean. This beach is a good snorkeling spot.

Best Beaches of Aruba

Aruba has over 20 beaches to explore - and the best Aruba beaches are Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach, Baby Beach, and Druif Beach ...
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a picture of people kitesurfing and windsurfing at barcadera beach aruba

Barcadera Beach

Barcadera Beach is one of the lesser known Aruba beaches. You'll find it southeast of Oranjestad and Queen Beatrix International Airport. It sits between the Barcadera Port and a suburban area called Balashi. Barcadera is ...
a picture for the article are there any nude beaches in aruba

Aruba Nude Beaches

Are there any nude beaches in Aruba? Any "clothing optional" beaches? Not officially, but there are some secluded beaches on the rougher east coast ...
an iguana on a beach in Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean

Iguana Beach

Iguana Beach is a family-friendly beach that can only be reached when you visit Renaissance Island. Renaissance Island is the exclusive property of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort ...
Hadicurari Beach, Aruba. A great spot for some light stand up paddle surfing at the end of a hot day.

Hadicurari Beach

Located between Malmok Beach to the north and Palm Beach to the south, Hadicurari Beach can be easily reached by car, taxi or public transport. It is about 300 meters long and rather rocky and ...
Flamingo Beach, Renaissance Island, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Flamingo Beach

Like Iguana Beach, the adult-only Flamingo Beach can also only be reached when you visit Renaissance Island, the privately owned island that is approximately 40 acres large and features a mangrove and two white sandy ...
white sands with palm trees on Arashi Beach in Aruba, in the Dutch Caribbean.

Arashi Beach

North of Malmok Beach and just south of the California Lighthouse you will find Arashi Beach. It is frequently visited by both tourists and the local people of Aruba, especially during weekends. Arashi Beach is ...
a picture of boca catalina beach in aruba

Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina is hands down one of the best swimming and snorkeling spots in Aruba. Just ask the locals! The beach is located in a residential area, between Arashi Beach and Malmok Beach, a few ...
Sunset at Surfside Beach, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is dotted with an array of colorful bars and beachside restaurants. Not only do they turn the heat up during the day. But they also spice up the party scene in the night ...
Picture-perfect scenery at Mangel Halto Beach, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Mangel Halto Beach

Mangel Halto Beach is a secluded beach that is located on the south-west coast of Aruba. The beach is approximately 600 meters long, and is divided into several parts with sand and vegetation. Up north ...
Malmok Beach, in Noord, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean. This beach is a good snorkeling spot.

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach is located just past the high-rise hotels on the north coast of Aruba. This beach lies just 3 kilometers north of Palm Beach, and is approximately 700 meters long. Although this beach is ...
Andicuri Beach, Aruba. It's a natural beauty, but can be wild! Soft sand, a few rocks and beautiful water. Not to be missed!

Andicuri Beach

Andicuri Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Aruba. It is known for its tranquility, its beautiful landscape and very clear water. The perfect spot for bodyboarding and ...
Dos Playa, Aruba. Awesome scenery, it's a great way to spend the day on the rough east coast of Aruba.

Dos Playa

Dos Playa consists of two coves that both have rather narrow beaches. One beach is about 100 meters wide and stretches for about 200 meters into the mainlands of Aruba. The most northern beach is ...
Surf's up, dude, at Boca Prins, Arikok National Park, Aruba.

Boca Prins

Boca Prins is part of the Arikok National Park. It is a very small beach that's only about 55 meters long. It is part of the Boca Prins Bay, a bay surrounded by cliffs on ...
Grapefield Beach, Aruba.

Grapefield Beach

Just north of Boca Grandi you will find Grapefield Beach, a rare combination of cliffs to your left and beautiful beach on your right. It is a quiet beach that is about 600 meters long ...
Aruba's Boca Grandi beach, on the east side of the island where kite surfing is a favorite pastime.

Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi is a true paradise for experienced kitesurfers and windsurfers. The beach is surrounded by approximately 750 meters of white sand beach that is not very wide. Further down, the beach stretches for about ...
Sweeping views at Rodgers Beach, Aruba.

Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach lies just a few hundred feet northwest of Baby Beach, in the ‘Sint Nicolaasbaai’. It has a length of just 265 meters and it is divided into two parts. Because of the lack ...
a quiet day on Baby Beach in south Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Baby Beach

One of our top picks on the list of best beaches of Aruba, Baby Beach Aruba is located at the southernmost point of the island. This tranquil cove outside San Nicolas got its name from ...
A gorgeous sunset at Druif Beach, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Druif Beach

Walk a few hundred meters south-east from Manchebo Beach, and the beach will gradually morph into Druif Beach (Grape Beach). Here too you will most certainly enjoy the epic vistas the Caribbean has on offer! ...
a scenic picture of palm beach in aruba

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is over 2 kilometers long – one of the longest beaches of Aruba – and it stretches along the major high-rise hotels of the island. It is a great spot for long walks ...