Things to Do in Aruba

a picture of a girl snorkleing at baby beach aruba

Aruba offers a wide range of activities and attractions that are sure to appeal to travelers of all ages and interests. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, including Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, which offer crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and a great vibe. It’s also an excellent destination for water sports enthusiasts, with a range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and more. Nature enthusiasts will love Arikok National Park, which covers nearly 20% of the island and offers breathtaking natural beauty, including caves to explore, natural pools to swim in, and stunning vistas to capture on camera. Visitors can explore landmarks such as the California Lighthouse, the Alto Vista Chapel, and The Old Dutch Windmill. Shoppers and foodies will love the shopping and dining options, from local street vendors to high-end boutiques and (vegan) restaurants. And then there’s Oranjestad’s vibrant nightlife scene, with a range of bars, clubs, and entertainment options to suit every taste!

Fun Things to Do in Aruba

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Aruba has several landmarks that are worth visiting and exploring during your trip.

These landmarks offer visitors a glimpse into the island’s culture, history, and natural beauty.

a picture of the old dutch windmill in aruba

The Old Dutch Windmill

Originally built in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands in 1804, the Old Dutch Windmill is one of Aruba's most ...
A picture of the California lighthouse in Aruba, Dutch Antilles.

California Lighthouse

Located in north-west Aruba, the California Lighthouse is one of Aruba’s most famous points of interest ...
A frontal view of the Seroe Colorado Anchor on a clear day in Aruba, Dutch Antilles.

Seroe Colorado Anchor

The Seroe Colorado Anchor is located in the southeastern part of the island. Through the years, the anchor has become ...
a picture of the seroe colorado lighthouse in aruba

Seroe Colorado Lighthouse

The Seroe Colorado Lighthouse, also known as the Colorado Point Lighthouse, is the second active lighthouse in Aruba. It is ...
In the picturesque picture, the Alto Vista Church in Aruba stands proudly against a backdrop of serene natural beauty. Nestled amidst Aruba's arid landscape, the church's white façade contrasts beautifully with the vibrant blue sky.

Alto Vista Chapel

Located about 5 miles south-east of the California Lighthouse in a neighbourhood named Alto Vista, you will find a small ...

Family Activities

There are many activities that cater to a range of interests and ages.

Here are some popular things to do in Aruba with kids!

a husband and wife with two children enjoying a sunset at a beach in Aruba

Things to Do in Aruba with Kids

Looking for something fun to do with the family?  ...
a view from the bubali bird sanctuary in aruba

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Located on the west coast of Aruba and near the Butterfly Farm, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary is another popular sightseeing ...
a picture of a donkey in the donkey sanctuary aruba

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

The Donkey Sanctuary is a popular and well-known Aruba sightseeing and great to visit with children. Founded in 1997, the ...
a picture of the entrance to philips animal garden in aruba

Philips Animal Garden

Philip’s Animal Garden is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009. Philip Conrad Merryweather, an Aruban native, transformed his ...
a picture of a butterfly at the aruba butterfly farm

Aruba Butterfly Farm

The Aruba Butterfly Farm, one of Aruba's major tourist attractions, is a great place to learn more about the life ...

Day Trips

Who wants to go island hopping?

A day trip to Curacao or Bonaire from Aruba is totally possible. All it requires is a bit of time and planning. Overnight trips to the other ABC islands may be a better option to experience the islands fully.

a view of the colourful Dutch architecture in Caraçao, Dutch Antilles.

Day Trip from Aruba to Curaçao

A day trip from Aruba to Curaçao is a great idea if your holiday is long enough ...
A sunny scene in the center of Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

Day Trip from Aruba to Bonaire

A day trip from Aruba to Bonaire is worth considering and relatively easy to do ...

Stay Active

There are plenty of opportunities to stay active in Aruba.

Say cheers to that Piña Colada and a worry-free vacation!

a man jogging on the boardwalk at Malmok Beach in Aruba.

Jogging in Aruba

With these guidelines, jogging in Aruba should be very enjoyable ...
a mountain biker staring over the ocean in Aruba

Mountain Biking in Aruba

Is there is any good mountain biking in the Aruba? The answer is definitely yes! ...
beach tennis in aruba

Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis Beach Tennis in Aruba Beach tennis was introduced on the tropical island of Aruba in the year 2000 ...
aruba golf courses tierra del sol

Aruba Golf Courses

Aruba Golf Courses Play Golf in Aruba When you’re looking for an activity where you can combine a little workout ...

Water Sports & Activities

Aruba offers a variety of water sports and other water activities for those looking for a fun day out on the water!

a family with kids enjoying paddle boarding on the calm blue waters in Aruba, Dutch Antilles.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Aruba

Aruba provides the perfect backdrop for stand-up paddleboarding! ...
a couple parasailing over the waters of Palm Beach, Aruba.

Parasailing in Aruba

Parasailing is a popular activity in Aruba, and there is one hotspot where you can go parasailing on the island.: ...
Eagle Beach, Aruba. One of the top beaches in the world.

Best Swimming Beaches in Aruba

Aruba boasts numerous beautiful beaches and coves where you can enjoy swimming in its pristine waters ...
A kayak floating on the water in front of Druif Beach, Aruba.

Kayaking in Aruba

There are several places in Aruba where you can go kayaking! ...
The Fisherman Huts in Aruba, also known as Hadicurari Beach.

Kitesurfing Aruba

If you’re looking for an awesome place for kitesurfing in the southern Caribbean, with winds pretty much guaranteed, Aruba definitely ...
a picture of a girl snorkleing at baby beach aruba

Best Snorkeling Spots in Aruba

On this page you can learn more about some of the best snorkeling spots on the island. You'll see why ...

Aruba’s Little Great Outdoors

Aruba has a variety of natural landscapes that can be explored. The Arikok National Park is a great place to start, with its rugged terrain, scenic vistas, and unique flora and fauna!

a winding road leading you through Arikok National Park in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park covers almost 20% of the island. Here you’ll find unique flora and fauna and several historical, cultural, ...
Hooiberg, Aruba's second highest mountain, seen from the Casibari Rock Formations.

Climbing Hooiberg Mountain

If you feel like doing some exercise, climbing mt. Hooiberg is a great opportunity to get a little active during ...
a picture of the bushiribana ruins in aruba

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are the remnants of a long-abandoned gold mill that processed gold ore during the gold ...
In this captivating picture, the natural beauty of Aruba unfolds as waves crash against a rugged rock formation at the natural pool, a serene oasis nestled amidst Aruba's dramatic coastline.

Natural Pool (Conchi)

The Natural Pool, also known as Conchi, is enclosed by natural walls of rocky coastline. These outcroppings allow the inside ...
a picture of the rock wish garden in aruba

Rock Wish Garden

Often referred to as the Rock Wish Garden in Aruba, mainly on the north-eastern coast you will find little stacks ...
a picture of the ayo rock formations in aruba

Ayo Rock Formations

The mysterious Ayo Rock Formations, situated close to Ayo Village and Andicuri Beach, are worth visiting when you are looking ...
a picture of the casibari rock formations in aruba

The Casibari Rock Formations

The Casibari Rock Formations are the perfect place for short hikes. Exploring the huge wind-carved boulders is a hiker’s delight, ...

More Things to Do

Shopping in Aruba

Shopping in Aruba

No matter what your shopping interests, Aruba is sure to have something to tempt your senses! ...
Snorkelling from a catamaran in the warm waters of Aruba.

The Best Aruba Sunset Cruises

You haven't experienced Aruba if you haven't been on a sunset cruise! ...
A look inside Fontein Cave in Arikok National Park, Aruba, Dutch Antilles.

Fontein Cave

Fontein Cave is one of several fascinating caves on the island and offers visitors a glimpse into Aruba's geological and historical past ...
A pelican sitting peacefully on the white sands of Eagle Beach, Aruba, Dutch Antilles.

Where to See Pelicans in Aruba

Here are some of the best places to see pelicans in Aruba! ...
The Peace Labyrinth in Aruba, a little haven that invites you to pause, reflect, and meditate amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Aruba's natural surroundings.

Peace Labyrinth

Find solace in the serene ambiance and the absence of crowds ...
Hooiberg, Aruba's second highest mountain, seen from the Casibari Rock Formations.

Climbing Hooiberg Mountain

If you feel like doing some exercise, climbing mt. Hooiberg is a great opportunity to get a little active during your stay on the island. Burning some calories is always a good idea, after all, ...
As the sun in Oranjestad casts its warm glow upon the colorful facades, the city comes alive with vibrant energy. The vivid houses create a picturesque backdrop against the clear blue skies, creating a feast for the eyes and a perfect setting for capturing memorable photographs.


Oranjestad promises to be a travel destination like no other. It is the largest and capital city of Aruba that will expose you to a little old and new thanks to a large number of ...
a picture of people going horseback riding in aruba

Horseback Riding in Aruba

Horseback Riding in Aruba When you are looking for an activity that offers you exploration of the arid plains and some beautiful trails located on the east side of Aruba by traditional transportation, then joining ...
a winding road leading you through Arikok National Park in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park covers almost 20% of the island. Here you’ll find unique flora and fauna and several historical, cultural, and geological sites to explore ...
visit de palm island aruba

Visit De Palm Island

Visit De Palm Island Visit De Palm Island, is it worth the effort? Just like Renaissance Island, De Palm Island lies off the west coast of Aruba. De Palm Island is operated by De Palm ...
a picture of the natural bridge in aruba before it collapsed

Aruba Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge was one of the most popular Aruba sightseeing attractions, until it was destroyed by Mother Nature's brute force on September 2 2005. Located between the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins and Andicuri Beach, ...
a picture of Santa Claus hat on Aruba beach during Christmas in Aruba

Christmas in Aruba

Christmas in Aruba Christmas in Aruba Celebrating Christmas in Aruba is a true once in a lifetime experience, and if you'd ask us, should be on anyone's bucket list. Just imagine sitting at one of ...
Flamingo Beach, Renaissance Island, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Visit Renaissance Island

About Renaissance Island Are you looking for a place in Aruba to really relax and get that “reborn” feeling? Do you want to avoid the busy beaches such as Eagle Beach or Palm Beach? Then ...
A tall, frosty cocktail takes center stage against a backdrop of swaying palm trees. The vibrant colors of the drink catch the eye, creating an irresistible visual allure.

Best Happy Hour in Aruba

Sunsets are absolutely free! ...
a picture of a couple getting married in Aruba

Getting Married In Aruba

Getting Married in Aruba Getting Married in Aruba Aruba and marriage go together like a horse and carriage! Besides all the great beaches this happy island offers, the snorkeling and diving spots, and the fantastic ...