Natural Pool (Conchi)

In this captivating picture, the natural beauty of Aruba unfolds as waves crash against a rugged rock formation at the natural pool, a serene oasis nestled amidst Aruba's dramatic coastline.
The Natural Pool, or “Cura di Tortuga” as the locals say, is where rare tranquility can be found amidst the chaos of crashing ocean waves.

Natural Pool – Santa Cruz, Aruba.

Located a short distance from the Venezuelan coastline, Aruba is a Caribbean destination with so many natural attractions, gorgeous beaches, and things to do that visitors return year after year to explore more of the island. White powdered sands provide a fitting outline for much of the island, and many stunning landscapes occupy the places in between. Still, none of the attractions are as enticing or unique as Conchi, also known as the Natural Pool. Occupying an isolated part of rugged coastline terrain in Santa Cruz on the island’s windward coast, the Natural Pool consists of a slight depression surrounded by volcanic rocks with a beautiful pool in the middle, referred to as Conchi.

Cura di Tortuga

Conchi, or “Cura di Tortuga” as the locals call it, is enclosed by natural walls of rocky coastline. These outcroppings or pool rocks have allowed the inside of the pool to be calm and swimmable. Depths reach approximately 17 feet at its lowest point. The waters outside them are rough, powerful, and filled with strong currents. If you are lucky enough to visit Conchi on a day when swimming is safe, you must always stay within the pool’s walls. Marveling at this magnificent sight is the easy part, but unfortunately (or fortunately), reaching the natural pool is not so straightforward. Situated in the heart of Arikok National Park, either good stamina (for long-distance hiking) or an off-road vehicle is required to reach the Natural Pool. While this may sound like something to put you off, you should be assured that this journey or tour to the Natural Pool is often what makes the adventure a little bit more exciting.

In this picturesque scene, a group of people finds respite from the Caribbean heat as they swim in the natural pool in Aruba.
A moment of bliss before the next wave comes crashing in!

Although incredibly beautiful and tranquil inside, the water around the outcrops is sometimes rough and powerful, so you need to stay within the safety of the pool. You should also inquire about the weather as depending on the time of year, the conditions could mean that it is inadvisable to visit the Natural Pool. If you take enough drinking water, good hiking shoes, a change of clothing, and a few snacks, this is usually possible and genuinely one of the most enjoyable and exciting things to do in Aruba! Whether you wish for some genuinely unique photographs, a mini adventure in your relaxation by the pool, or a gentle dip in the most tranquil, immaculate blue waters, trips to the Natural Pool in Arikok National Park never fail to impress. There is nowhere quite like this stunning attraction anywhere else on the island!

Natural Pool Tours – Book Online!

The following off-road tours feature a visit to the Natural Pool and additional scenic destinations along the way.

Off-Road Natural Pool Safari

A scene of an exhilarating adventure, exploring the natural pool in Aruba aboard an off-road vehicle. The rugged terrain sets the stage for an exciting journey as the driver navigates through the untamed landscapes of Aruba's east coast.
And just like that, you find yourself exploring the natural pool in Aruba aboard a sturdy off-road vehicle!

Embark on the tour by enjoying the convenience of being picked up from your hotel. You will then be transported to the departure location, where your guide will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and orientation. The open-air vehicles available for the tour can accommodate up to eight passengers, making it an excellent choice for group travel. Before setting off in a caravan formation with your guide leading the way, you can decide whether you want to drive or be a passenger. The advantage of these capable 4WD vehicles is that they grant access to Aruba’s coastal areas and rugged interior, which are typically inaccessible to traditional tours.

As you drive toward Arikok National Park, you will pass notable landmarks and the remnants of a Natural Bridge. Throughout the trip, your guide will provide informative commentary at various stops, enhancing your understanding of the surroundings. Upon reaching the Natural Pool, a highlight of the tour, you will have the opportunity to use the provided snorkeling equipment and delve into the captivating underwater world of the volcanic rock pool. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this unique natural wonder. Remember to bring a camera!

The tour concludes with a convenient drop-off back at your hotel, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience from beginning to end! Water and snacks will be provided.

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UTV Tour to Natural Pool

A group of adventurous individuals embarks on a thrilling journey through the scenic landscapes of Aruba in a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).
The UTV, designed for off-road adventures, takes center stage in the tour. It’s made to tackle the rugged terrain of Aruba’s diverse landscapes.

Experience the excitement of off-roading while enjoying the assurance of a guided UTV (Utility Task Vehicle, a type of off-road vehicle) adventure, where you take the wheel as the driver! Your experienced guide leads you through local neighborhoods, providing insights into the community’s culture and way of life. This scenic route is the prelude to your ultimate destination, Arikok National Park. Once in the park, you will visit the Fontein Cave, well known for its ancient rock art left behind by the indigenous Arawak people who inhabited the island. Up next is a short stop at one of Aruba’s largest dunes at Boca Prins. The state-of-the-art UTVs are specifically designed to conquer the challenging terrain along the way. The last stop will take you to the Natural Pool. Should Mother Nature grant her approval, you’ll have the chance to indulge in a delightful swimming experience in the waters of Conchi!

Driver’s license required. Free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or cruise ship are included!

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Safety First. Always.

The natural pool’s rocky terrain, strong waves, and unpredictable currents can pose risks, particularly for those who venture too close to the edges or engage in unsafe activities like cliff jumping without proper knowledge and precautions. While incidents are relatively rare, visitors have sustained injuries, including cuts, bruises, and fractures, from slips, falls, or being struck by waves against the rocks. It is crucial to remain aware of your surroundings, avoid venturing too close to the edges, and constantly assess the conditions before entering the natural pool.

Help Keep Aruba Clean

Aruba has made efforts to maintain the natural beauty of its attractions, including the natural pool, by implementing waste management initiatives and encouraging visitors to keep the environment clean. Trash bins or designated areas for waste disposal may be available near the site, and visitors are encouraged to use them. Please be mindful of your environmental impact and take any trash or waste with you when you leave.