Travel to Aruba

Travel to Aruba

Businessman with suitcase walking on the beach towards sea planning to travel to Aruba

Travel to Aruba – Airplanes & Cruise Ships

As the distance from central Europe to Aruba is over 5000 miles (8000 kilometers) most Europeans decide to travel to Aruba by airplane since such distances just take up too much precious time to cover by boat. The same practicality goes for hundreds of thousand of visitors from the US every year since most major cities in the US offer direct flights to the tropical island. Some of the visitors from the US do take cruises to Aruba on gigantic cruise ships that visit multiple islands in the Caribbean in a relatively short amount of time. Those cruise ships usually anchor at Aruba for just one or two days in order to quickly sail off to the next southern Caribbean itinerary.

Besides saving you a lot of travel time, flying to Aruba has several advantages: unless you’ve purchased a package deal or a last-minute to Aruba that includes both an airplane ticket, accommodation and rental car, you get to pick your own accommodation, choose your favorite airline when you buy a ticket, and choose your own means of transportation should you decide to rent a car in Aruba. More importantly, however, you will simply have more time to explore the tropical island at your own pace without having to stick to a predefined activity schedule.

Travel to Aruba – Come once, Come Back Often

Many people from all over the globe happily travel to Aruba every year, and many people continue to come back to Aruba (even several times) after their first visit. It is no wonder that Aruba is the most popular island of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) simply because it offers more sites to explore, more beaches to relax, dive or snorkel at, more beach resorts and luxurious hotels with spas for true relaxation, and more casinos and a vibrant nightlife throughout the entire year.